2019 was indeed a great year for Infinix Mobility. The company made name for itself in the sales of few of her devices, especially for the Hot 8 and the Infinix S5, both of which are still selling like hot cake. But the company is not willing to take the chance of celebrating a soon-aging glory, and if current rumors are true, then the company may already have a device with pop-up camera in the works, which could either be an S5 Pro or the all new Infinix S6.

A Mystery Infinix Device with Pop-up Selfie in the Works; Is it the S6? Infinix s6 2 1

One of the major selling point of the current S5 and the S5 Lite, is the use of an in-screen selfie camera, which help the device to achieve above 80% screen-to-body ratio. The upcoming S5 Pro, or the Infinix S6 is expected to continue the trend, but this time, instead of an in-screen selfie, the device will come with pop-up selfie camera, leading to even better screen-to-body ratio.

The image above is the rumored Infinix S6 with it pop-up selfie and almost a bezel-less display. In a recent interview quoted by WhatsMobile, Infinix’s CEO Mr. Benjamin Jiang said;

Q1 of 2020 will be the most surprising year for the camera lovers, and Infinix will be introducing Pop-Up selfie camera phones with mind-blowing tech innovations.

A Mystery Infinix Device with Pop-up Selfie in the Works; Is it the S6? Infinix s6 1 1

The only selfie focused smartphone series from Infinix we know, is the S-series. But this might not be the only Infinix device to boast pop-selfie. The Hot 9 has also been rumored to come with similar selfie camera, and if the specifications of the Hot S-series are to be followed, then the upcoming S6 might come with above 6.5-inch display, a Mediatek CPU, up to 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.



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