Alcatel has launched it’s flip devices which are the Alcatel Go Flip 3 and the Alcatel Smartflip, don’t get confused, this two devices are literary the same, it’s just that the names varies on the carrier, T -Mobile calls it Alcatel Go Flip 3 while AT&T calls it Smartflip.

This is not actually a Smartphone, it is just a basic device for people on a budget, nowadays, things are really changing simultaneously, different Smartphone company are manufacturing Smartphone with a foldable display but yet Alcatel is still pulling out devices with a Flip screen.

What will really impress you is that this device comes with Google Assistant and Kaistore, the company said that it’s the first Flip device in North American market to come with Kaistore and Google Assistant.

Kaistore is a webpage application just like playstore where you can go and download apps of your choice, i also love the fact that Alcatel includes Google Assistant on this device, so with a basic phone, you can use voice commands to open and navigate to different apps, message your friends, control smart home devices, find information on the web and all this with just a basic phone, this is really nice.

As far as Specs goes, this device comes with a 2.8 inch display and it is powered by Snapdragon 210 processor paired with 8gb of internal storage, the storage can be extended with a micro SD card up to 32gb.

In terms of battery, this device can last up to 6.8 hours of unstoppable talktime on a single charge. The device is available on T-MOBILE and AT&T but the price has not been revealed yet, but we expect it to be cheap since it’s a budget phone.


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