Apple launched a few new devices today at the unleashed event of which the third-generation AirPods were included. This Airpods from Apple is the successor to the AirPods 2 that was released sometime in 2019. As a newly released AirPod, it has a more stylish design similar to the Apple AirPods Pro.

Apple Unleashed Event unveiled the third-generation AirPods Apple AirPods 3 1

This newly launched Apple AirPods will have a price tag of about $179 and it will be available in over 30 countries including the united states from Tuesday. In terms of design, this Airpod uses an improved ergonomic that features shorter stems and offers a firm grip on the ear. In terms of additional features, Apple introduced the Apple Music Voice service, a Force sensor for pressure controls, and voice assistant trigger “Hey Siri”.

Apple Unleashed Event unveiled the third-generation AirPods apple Airpods 1

Still on the specifications, the new Apple AirPod has an in-built driver and a high dynamic range amplifier that was embedded to enhance the bass output of this AirPod, and also an AAC-ELD codec that helped in delivering a full HD voice quality for video calls.

Apple Unleashed Event unveiled the third-generation AirPods New AirPods third generation 1

The next-generation AirPods also come with a wireless charging case as a standard that supports Apple’s MagSafe.

In detail, the newly attached Apple Music Voice is basically a new subscription-based plan that will be available for users that normally access Apple Music using Siri. This plan costs about a $4.99 subscription fee and it will be available for about 18 countries.


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