Blackview A80 Pro renders leak revealing Quad-Camera setup and 3 color variants

Blackview A80 Pro

The CEO of Blackview has teased the upcoming A80 Pro on his Facebook page. Smartphone manufacturers are always in the work of producing phones, well, the teaser didn’t reveal the full body of the A80 Pro but we can still distinguish it’s physical features.

It will come with a quad rear cameras which is placed at the top left corner. There is also a fingerprint sensor mounted at the rear which is now referred to as old style, anyways, it’s still good. As we are still observing the teased phone from the CEO, another render emerged revealing a smartphone in three colours.

Blackview A80 Pro renders

The photo really reveals the Blackview A80 Pro and is still comes with the same features seen on the CEO’s teaser image, like the quad rear cameras setup and a slim body with 3D glass applied. This means it might come in three colours which are Black, Red, and a trendy Gradient color.

We don’t know when the device will hit the market but speculations had it to be unveiled this month and it is going to be a mainstream smartphone.

Blackview has been known for producing rugged phones, the A80 Pro combined rugged features with the design that we see in the photos in order to stand out in the saturated mainstream smartphone market? Time will tell.

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