Tecno is still on it launch spray, taking the latest Spark 7-series and the Camon 17-series to the shore of different borders and countries. In the midst of multiple announcement is what look like the company’s first Global Brand Ambassador. Today, Tecno Nigeria official revealed Christopher Robert Evans, best known as Captain America as the company’s Global Brand Ambassador.

Tecno have named a handful of Brand Ambassadors in the past, some of which were just regional or model specific Ambassadors. If you are familiar with the company, you should have come across names such as Ali Zafar of Pakistani, Stonebwoy of Ghana, Ayushmann Khurrana of India, Nigeria Wizkid and few others, who have banged this title in the past.

Chris Evans, a.k.a Captain America is now Tecno's Global Brand Ambassador Tecno Camon 17P Specs 1
Camon 17P

But with Tecno gaining presence in over 60 countries, the company is becoming more of a global phenomenon than just a sectional or continental brand. Recent move by Tecno and it Transion mother company have shown that the company is building a very strong interest in better and larger global market share than it currently has.

Chris Evans, a.k.a Captain America is now Tecno's Global Brand Ambassador Chris Evans Captain America is now Tecnos Brand Ambassador 1

With Captain America as a Global Brand Ambassador, we won’t be surprise to see the company in more market soon, probably the US too. But excelling in the global front require more than just brand ambassador. One of the major issue that is currently plaquing Tecno phones is lack consistent software update for it devices, and until the company is ready to address this issue, the fierce competition in the global market may not be to her favor.


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