French rugged smartphone maker Crosscall has left several clues on its website about its upcoming Stellar-X5 phone. A pan-European declaration of conformity (DoC) and a press photo of the phone have been published, revealing some of its key specifications.

The DoC shows that the Stellar-X5 will have a 4360mAh battery and dust and moisture protection according to the IP68 standard. It will also have 8GB of RAM, a Qualcomm chipset (most likely the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1), and an e-SIM slot.

Crosscall Stellar-X5 Tipped to Have 50MP Main Camera, 4360mAh Battery, and IP68 Rating Crosscall Stellar X5 Tipped to Have 50MP Main Camera 4360mAh Battery and IP68 Rating

The press photo reveals a 50MP main camera and a 120-degree wide camera with a Hyperstab stabilization system. There is also support for 4K video recording, but it is unclear whether this is on both cameras.

Another interesting detail is the strange long flash on the front panel. This is likely a dual-flash system, with one LED for regular photography and one for macro photography.

The huge “target” on the back of the phone is a magnetic mount for X-Link branded accessories. These accessories include wrist and bicycle mounts, a docking station for working in PC mode, a microSD slot, an external battery, a barcode scanner, and so on.

The timing of the announcement of the Crosscall Stellar-X5 is still unknown, but it is expected to be released in the coming months.



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