DroidAfrica has moved; to a new height and a new location

DroidAfrica has moved; to a new height and a new location | DroidAfrica
Top traffic countries to DroidAfrica

Hello everyone, this is Steve with DroidAfrica. I want to begin by sincerely appreciating all your effort and support to this online platform. Any single minute you’ve ever spent reading or viewing our content has never, and will never be taken for granted, and that is basically the reason for this short article.

When we started out few years ago, the focus was on smartphone technological happenings within the African space. And for over four (4) years, we kept to that vision, ensuring that our African audience never missed out major smartphone related stories as it happens across the continent, especially in Nigeria.

But today, we are proud that Nigeria is not even among our top countries from where the majority of our traffic comes from. Sincerely, we are glad that what started as a country or continental thing, has gone global.

DroidAfrica has moved; to a new height and a new location | DroidAfrica

Now, to carter for our new found global audience, we need a name that is less restrictive, and one that appease and speak to all.

To this end, it is my pleasure to officially notify you that DroidAfrica has moved!. We are on our way to a new height and a new location.

Everything is already setup, and this is my last content on DroidAfrica. It will equally be my first on the new destination, which should be unveiled few hours from now.

You may receive a notification shortly, when the new website is live. Although that will depend whether we are able to successfully migrate all users and subscribers to the new location. But in either case, a revisit to this page should automatically point you to the new location.

Talking about the new website, it is not something big, or something different from what you’ve seen before, but it is going to be overtime. So, see you on the other side.

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Stephen is the Editor-in-Chief @DroidAfrica. He has been in the tech space for over 6 years helping mobile technology users to understand more about their very own devices. His work on DroidAfrica is born out of a pure passion for tech, especially as it relates to smartphones.


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