OnePlus held an event in China today to showcase the battery technology for their upcoming Ace 3 Pro smartphone. The company confirmed a significant leap in battery capacity, with the Ace 3 Pro boasting a 6100mAh battery, which is about 1100mAh larger than the conventional 5000mAh battery used in most current smartphones.

This improvement is attributed to a shift in manufacturing technology, utilizing silicon-carbon for a more efficient battery design. But despite the increased capacity, OnePlus claims the physical size of the battery has been optimized, reducing it by 3% compared to traditional 5000mAh batteries. This translates to a more powerful battery housed in a potentially compact device.

Event: OnePlus Reveals Battery Details of it Upcoming Ace 3 Pro upcoming onceplus Ace 3 Pro

The event also highlighted the phone’s fast charging capabilities. The Ace 3 Pro will be equipped with 100W fast charging, allowing you to recharge the battery from 1% to 100% in just 36 minutes. Additionally, OnePlus emphasizes the battery’s longevity, stating that even after four years of use, the capacity is expected to remain above 80%.

The image below is a typical comparison between a standard 5000mAh battery, and the 6100mAh unit expected to power the Ace 3 Pro. The left photo shows a typical 5000mAh battery measuring at a thickness of 6mm. The image on the right is the 6100mAh battery from OnePlus. But despite having a 1100mAh more, it is still 0.49 mm thinner.

Event: OnePlus Reveals Battery Details of it Upcoming Ace 3 Pro 6100mAh battery vs 5000mAh battery

While details surrounding the overall design of the Ace 3 Pro remain undisclosed, OnePlus strategically presented a poster offering a partial view of the rear camera module. The image suggests a potential design change compared to the original Ace 3. The camera block appears visually separated from the side edge, which somehow addresses concerns about gaps and adhesive issues in the previous design.

Event: OnePlus Reveals Battery Details of it Upcoming Ace 3 Pro The design of oneplus ace 3 Pro

The event concluded with the announcement of the official launch of the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro, scheduled for next week. There are still a lot of details yet to be revealed regarding this upcoming device. One of such details is the pricing which we will find out about a week from today.


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