Samsung’s One UI 5.1 is set to receive a minor update, according to leaks by WinFuture, ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S23. The One UI 5.1 update promises a host of useful changes and new features for users. In this article, we will be discussing the leaked changelog for the new One UI version and what users can expect.


Starting with the camera, the One UI 5.1 update brings a new feature that allows users to change the hue of their selfies easily. The “Effects” button on the side of the screen will make this process simple and straightforward. Additionally, accessing the Expert RAW app, which allows for capturing high-quality images without any processing or compression, has also become easier through the Advanced menu.


The Gallery has also received several improvements in the One UI 5.1 update. The Shared Family Album feature now makes sharing photos with your family easier than ever, as the Gallery app will recommend photos to add to your shared family album, based on the recognition of family member’s faces. You will also receive 5GB of storage per family member (up to 6 people). Processing in the Gallery app now automatically removes shadows and reflections, and users can now recreate GIFs with better resolution and clarity.

Here are the feature to expect from the One UI 5.1 on the Galaxy S23 series Galaxy S23 series price in Turkey 7965190

Information is now displayed more conveniently, as when you swipe up while viewing an image or video, you will see at a glance when and where the image was taken, on which device, and where it’s stored. Search has become more powerful, as you can now search for multiple people or items at once, and even search for people without tagging their names by clicking on their faces. The One UI 5.1 update also allows users to choose a location to save screenshots, and this can be set up in the advanced features.

AR Zone and AR Emoji

The AR Zone and AR Emoji have also received several updates in the One UI 5.1 update. Users can now use three emojis in the AR emoji camera, and take funny photos and videos with friends (up to three people) in mask mode. The layout and editing of AR Doodles have also been improved, with brushes now available on the main screen for faster access. You can resize and move drawings after they are created, and the new Eraser tool lets you delete only a portion of your drawings without deleting them completely.


Widgets have received several updates as well in the One UI 5.1 update. A new battery widget allows you to check the battery level of your Galaxy devices, including your smartphone, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, and other supported devices. A new weather widget, with a new illustration style and a summary of current weather conditions, makes it easy to know the weather information.

Here are the feature to expect from the One UI 5.1 on the Galaxy S23 series One UI 5.1 on the Galaxy S23 3458120

Modes and Scenarios control:

The One UI 5.1 update also brings new modes and scenarios, such as setting different wallpapers on the lock screen and home screen depending on your current activity. Additional conditions and actions for scenarios have been added, allowing for scripts to run automatically when turning on airplane mode or mobile hotspot. New actions allow for controlling Quick Share and touch sensitivity, as well as changing the ringtone and font style.


In the One UI 5.1 update, connectivity has also received several updates. The ability to collaborate in Samsung Notes, with a shared note that multiple people can edit at once, has been added. Inviting others to shared apps has also become easier, as you can now easily invite people to shared albums, notes, and calendars using a link that can be shared through apps such as messenger, email, and social networks. Advanced multiple control between the Galaxy Book and smartphone has been added, allowing you to use your Galaxy Book’s mouse, keyboard, or trackpad with your Galaxy smartphone. Media output for Wi-Fi speakers has been added.

The new Samsung DeX feature now brings improved multitasking, and you are also getting recruitment suggestions in the phone’s settings. Samsung Internet will also introduce improved search features, while the whole system will bring a faster and easier initial setup wizard for newly connected Galaxy devices.



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