Early in this month of June, Huawei held a smart product and HarmonyOS launch event. It was at this event that Huawei announced to the world, the launch of HarmonyOS. The launch had the tagline, “One as all, All as one”. Huawei is a popular technology Chinese company that is most popular globally for their smartphones.

It was at this event that the Chinese smartphone giant unveiled the launch of the new HarmonyOS operating system as well as some other devices. Some of the new gadgets launched are, MatePad Pro tablets as well as the Watch 3 series of smart watches and other gadgets.

At this launch event, the Chinese technology company made it clear that, they were not only working on developing smart gadgets but also looking at developing one stop solutions for smart office, smart home, smart travel technologies and more.

The department of Consumer Business Group Software of Huawei also stated that, the new operating system called HarmonyOS, will have the high level of user interface and experience that is same as Android OS and iOS.

In conclusion, more than 500,000 developers were recruited to join HarmonyOS and even more developers are expected to join soon.

The company also donated its core structures to the “Open Atom Open Source Foundation”.


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