We recently shared a post to you guys about the Huawei Mate 30 series not coming with any Google services, however an image leaked showcasing Huawei Mate 30 Pro with Google widget, the CEO of Huawei recently revealed that HarmonyOS is not ready to launch on smartphones, but as you may know that Huawei has another solution that will enable them use Android which is called Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

It is an opens source version of android free from Google services and can be obtained by all companies without a license, if the US doesn’t allow Huawei to partner with Google, they only have one trick and that is AOSP which is an open source and therefore can be used by any manufacturer or user to develop their own Android.

This is what Huawei could do with the new devices which would arrive without Google applications or service, a Huawei phone running on a version of Android Stock is something that many users have dreamed of, but that probably won’t happen, Huawei will use AOSP on its terminals and implement the EMUI 10 customization layer above.

If Huawei launches its Mate 30 Pro with AOSP these will not revolve around Google, but around Huawei. To get an idea, at the time of booting up the device, you will not see anything related to Google, but you must create, most surely, an account in a Huawei service to be able to have everything safely.



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