The IFA event went pretty well for Huawei and  the Kirin 990 has been unveiled, there was a lot of pretty taught going on about the Huawei Mate 30 series before their announced was given in a couple of weeks.

The Huawei Mate 30 series has been considered to get shipped without Google services including Google Playstore, Google suite, Gmail etcetera but they will run on Android, Android 10 precisely, Richard Yu the CEO of Huawei Consumer Electronics spoke about it online with the German newspaper Spiegel Online and here is a little words from him.

“For current products, we will stay with Android. If the constraints persist, we will use our HarmonyOS for our future products, like the P40 which is planned for spring 2020” he says.

The Huawei’s Harmony Os basic function is to create an ecosystem of connected objects, it seems that time is no longer for diplomacy.

However, Richard Yu has assured that their company is working with developers to make the most popular apps on Android to appear on their Harmony Os, he said this isn’t complicated process, though Huawei will still invest $1 billion dollars in the development of compatible applications.

The CEO based in the situation of Mate 30 series confirmed that it won’t come without any Google services, that it is left for their customers to implement it, this means that the Smartphone might be tweaked to install Google services but we don’t know yet, just take as a pinch of salt.


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