Huawei is said to equip some of their new smartphone with their own custom OS which is the Harmony OS as from August next year. You know, in the middle of this year, Huawei had issues with the US government which limits them to some of their services. During that time, Huawei decided to establish their own custom operating system and after like a month, the operating system was set. It was put into test and it is said to be faster than Android.

On August, Huawei was granted a temporal access to the US services which makes them not to use their own OS again. But now, the president of Huawei, Wang Chenglu, reveals that the new OS will be available in smartphones next year. He said that the Harmony OS won’t replace Android OS, that some of their smartphones will still run on Android next year depending on the situation between them and the US. He further said that Android is now their material of choice and also said the Harmony OS will be available on smartphones globally, it won’t be limited in China.

Since the Huawei P40 series will be launched next year on March, it means that the smartphone will be the first to run on the Harmony OS. It is the CEO, Richard Yu Chengdong who said in a media interview that Huawei will consider loading its upcoming smartphones with HarmonyOS starting from next year. According to him “If we’re still not allowed [by the US government] to access Google’s Android service, we will consider using our own HarmonyOS. In fact, our OS is ready, but we will not use it in the first place as we’re still considering a relevant decision and cooperation.” Huawei’s Harmony OS comes with mutual security protection, a Deterministic Latency Engine, Inter-Process Communication and reduced åpp response latency.


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