OnePlus and it flagship killer, the OnePlus 7 are getting hot in India as Xiaomi is currently making plans to bring her own flagship killer, the Redmi K20 Pro to the Indian market by Mid-July 2019. OnePlus 7 on the other has been selling in the Indian market for few weeks now, as such, Xiaomi is trying to ensure that the Redmi K20 Pro get some share of attentions of it competitor.

Well, in what best way could the company achieve this, better than going side-by-side with the OnePlus 7. In the images below, Xiaomi did not just advertise the Redmi K20 Pro as a flagship killer device in India, but went even as far as stacking her flagship killing-billboard side-by-side with that of OnePlus 7.

As funny as that may looks, Xiaomi seem very ready to hit it hard on the BBK brand this time like never before. Who is BBK? OK, I’ll answer that! You should have heard before, that OnePlus and OPPO have same origin right? Well, not just OnePlus and OPPO, but even Vivo as well. Yes, OPPO, OnePlus and Vivo are owned by BBK group based in China. Yea, something similar to Tecno, iTel and Infinix being owned by Transion group.

Xiaomi also, recently introduced similar organizational structure; POCO brands and Redmi brands being owned by Xiaomi. What this means in a nutshell is, POCO and Redmi makes use of factory and R&D of Xiaomi, their reducing their cost as much as possible, in order to compact competitors.

While this managerial style is currently common only among Asian phone makers, bigger brand names like Samsung and Apple are yet to adopt same, and we don’t even know if they will. So let keep watching.


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