A new LG device with model number ZNFX210LMW has gotten FCC certification. The document through which FCC showcased the phone revealed the model number as ZNFX210LMW, it also revealed the design of the phone as well as it’s key features.

They also shared the photos of the phone but the photo seems to differ from the one on the manual document. It also revealed that the smartphone has a 5.7inch display but the resolution was not known.

However the live image from FCC shows that the display is a waterdrop notch display. As per the manual, the phone runs on Android 9 pie but there is no mention of Chipset, RAM and ROM.

The live image of the FCC shows that the device will be coming with a single rear camera at the top while the one from the document revealed that the phone will be coming with an 8MP selfie camera and a dual rear cameras which consists of 13MP +5MP camera.

LG Neo One which is the phone is said to come with Dual-SIM support, 4G, a MicroSD card slot (128GB max,), and packs a 4000mAh battery. As per the image of the phone shared, it doesn’t come with a fingerprint scanner at the rear but the image on the manual revealed that it came with a fingerprint scanner.

There might be mixed up somewhere as the photos and the manual image shared tends to differ. Which should know more and the exact specs of the phone in the future.


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