OnePlus Nord SE Launch Might Be Cancelled

According to current leaks, it seems the launching of the OnePlus Nord SE which was supposed to be the Nord special edition device will be canceled. Following previously leaked specification of the probability smartphone, the smartphone was said to specially come with a new look more different from the previous OnePlus Nord smartphone. the smartphone which it launch is under probability was rumored to feature exactly the same hardware as the one embedded on the OnePlus Nord.

Furthermore, in the report, the OnePlus Nord SE might still be considered by the company because it belongs to the special edition smartphone family. Although the legit news is that the supposed Special Edition of the original Nord might not be launched as we are expecting. Unfortunately, tipsters are not yet sure why we would not or never see the release of the OnePlus Nord SE (special edition) smartphone. Be that as it may, there is every possibility we would be welcoming OnePlus Nord 2 instead.

OnePlus Nord SE Launch Might Be Cancelled oneo 1

The launching of the OnePlus Nord 2 will take some time but we should be looking forward to seeing it on or before five (5) months time. The launching of the OnePlus Nord 2 taking that much time is a result of the early launch of the OnePlus 9 series.

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