The Poco C61 has arrived in India, but is it a genuine new offering or simply a familiar face with a new name? Let’s delve into the details and see if it stands out in the crowded budget phone market.

Deja Vu Design

The Poco C61’s design seems derivative, closely resembling the popular Redmi A3. This might not be a dealbreaker for everyone, but those seeking a distinctive aesthetic might be disappointed. Color options are slightly different, but the overall look feels uninspired.

Poco C61 Through a Critical Eye: A Budget Rehash or a Reliable Choice? POCO C661

Budget-Friendly Price, But Not Unbeatable

Price is a crucial factor in the budget segment. While the Poco C61 boasts competitive pricing in India (starting around ₹5850, which converts roughly to $63), a closer look reveals a potential caveat. Comparisons with competitor Kyarov’s offerings show similar configurations (3+64GB and 4+128GB) available at slightly lower prices.

Performance: Modest Expectations

The Poco C61 relies on the MediaTek Helio G36 processor, a decent but not groundbreaking chipset. Expecting high-end performance would be unrealistic. Benchmark scores hover around 150,000 in AnTuTu, indicating it’s suitable for basic tasks and casual gaming.

Display: Big Screen, Basic Resolution

The Poco C61 features a sizable 6.71-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate, a welcome feature in this price range. However, the resolution is a mere 720×1650 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of 268ppi. While functional, visuals might lack the sharpness found in higher-resolution displays.

Long-Lasting Battery, Slow Charging

A 5000mAh battery is a saving grace for the Poco C61. This capacity should deliver a full day’s use, or even longer with moderate usage. However, the 10W charging speed feels outdated. Be prepared for extended waiting times when the battery inevitably runs low.

Cameras: Basic Setup, Flashy Looks

The camera department on the Poco C61 is rather basic. An 8MP main sensor is accompanied by an unidentified secondary sensor, likely for depth effects. The front-facing camera offers a 5MP resolution. While the camera module design might appear sophisticated, the actual capabilities are likely to be unremarkable.

Poco C61 Through a Critical Eye: A Budget Rehash or a Reliable Choice? Key specs of POCO C61

Other Considerations

The Poco C61 lacks an NFC module for contactless payments, which might be a drawback for some users. A side-mounted fingerprint scanner provides security, and a standard audio jack caters to those who prefer wired headphones. You can read our story about the Redmi A3 to learn more about Poco’s C61.

Who is it For?

The Poco C61 might be a suitable choice for basic phone users, particularly for seniors or young children in kindergarten who need a simple and affordable device for communication and light entertainment. The large screen and long battery life are definite advantages.

Poco C61 Through a Critical Eye: A Budget Rehash or a Reliable Choice? Full Specifications of poco c61

The Verdict: Familiar Territory

The Poco C61 doesn’t break new ground. It’s a competent budget phone with a familiar design, a modest processor, and a basic camera setup. The large display and long battery life are its key strengths. However, the lack of innovation and slightly higher price compared to some competitors might make some buyers hesitate.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities and budget. If you prioritize a large screen, long battery life, and a familiar user experience at a competitive price, the Poco C61 could be a viable option.


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