Realme, the Chinese smartphone brand known for its aggressive marketing tactics, has taken things to a whole new level with its latest campaign for the Realme 12 Pro. In a move that’s sure to raise eyebrows and stir controversy, Realme’s Head of Marketing, Francis Wong, has declared the budget-friendly phone a contender in the “flagship league,” placing it alongside giants like the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Wong’s post, positions the Realme 12 Pro as a “Mercedes” among other top-tier smartphones, while relegating competitors like the Redmi Note 13 Pro and Honor 90 to the “middle tier” referred to as the “Toyota” category. Even Redmi’s own entry-level model, the Redmi 12, along with Infinix Note 10 are relegated to the “Suzuki” zone, with Wong seemingly acknowledging their limitations.

Realme Takes a Bold (and Controversial) Stance on its Upcoming Realme 12 Pro Smartphone Realme Takes a Bold and Controversial Stance Is the 12 Pro a

This bold comparison has sparked immediate debate on Twitter. Some applaud Realme’s audacity and confidence, praising the company for challenging established brands and highlighting the capabilities of its budget phone. Others find the claims outrageous, calling it a blatant attempt to mislead consumers and capitalize on hype. The yet-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra being included in the comparison only adds to the skepticism.

Whether this marketing strategy is a stroke of genius or a misguided attempt at grabbing attention remains to be seen. However, we would love to know what you think? Could the upcoming Realme 12 Pro be a flagship in the class of Mercedes or it belong to the budget Suzuki category? Let’s know what you think.

Source: Twitter


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