Samsung Stopped at Note 20; Realme is Starting from Note 50; What Should We Expect?


Realme has surprised fans by announcing the simultaneous launch of not one, but two new smartphones in its upcoming Realme Note series: the Realme Note 1 and the Realme Note 50. This unexpecting twist on naming throws out traditional number sequences, leaving us curious about what sets these phones apart.

We are also a bit curious as to why Realme decided to jump all the way to Note 50. Samsung stopped at Note 20, and the famous Redmi Note series from Xiaomi is still at number 13, but Realme is ticking number 50 right from the start. While the leaked specs so far do not suggest any flagship Note device, it might be that Realme wants to offer a price-to-performance ratio that is unmatched by both the Redmi 13 and the Sammy Note 20 series.

Leaked details offer a glimpse into what we can expect. Both phones are rumored to hit shelves on January 24th, with the Realme Note 50 sporting a familiar look. Its 6.7-inch LCD display with HD+ resolution and waterdrop notch bears a striking resemblance to the budget Realme C53.

Samsung Stopped at Note 20; Realme is Starting from Note 50; What Should We Expect? Note 1 and Note 50 to Debut Together on January 24th

A robust IP54 rating promises resistance to dust and splashes, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

A leaked unboxing video of the black Realme Note 50 sheds further light on its features. The included simple silicone case, charger, and USB-C cable hint at a focus on value. The box also reveals a 13-megapixel main camera and an 8-core chipset paired with 4/64GB of memory.

While specs for the Realme Note 1 remain under wraps, its unexpected presence alongside the Note 50 raises intriguing questions. Will the Note 50 be a more premium offering, justifying the higher number in its name?

Or will it cater to a different segment entirely, offering even greater affordability? We hope to find out this and more come January 24th.



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