Sea of Thieves game is full of adventure, and you will not be bored for a sec. It is an exciting game for those who love to play pirate life games and search for treasures on the islands. In this game, you have to set a high sea sail and start the pirate adventure. As you begin the game, you will love to go in-depth with the game.

 As a beginner, you will not get a brief explanation of the game; there needs to be more explanation of how things work for beginners. But don’t worry; here in this guide, you will get all the information about the game. Let’s dive into the article and have fun.

Game begins 

As you begin by clicking on the start button, you will enter the game. Before you start, you will have to select the pirates and ship for yourself. We will be guiding you throughout the beginning of the game. 

Sea of Thieves Beginner's Guide: Setting Sail and Starting Your Pirate Adventure Sea of Thieves guide

Create your pirates

After the beginning of the game, select a pirate for yourself that will denote your character. So you can choose your pirates by tapping the “new pirate” button from the main menu.

After that, you can choose the gender of your pirate and can customize your pirate’s appearance by selecting a different hairstyle, facial hair, clothing, or tattoo options. 

Now lastly, you will have to give a name to your pirate. You cannot change your pirate’s appearance once you have customized it, so choose the options accurately. 

Ship selection

After creating your pirate now, it’s time to select the ship. There are three types of ships in the game of Sea of Thieves: the brigantine, the sloop, and the galleon.

Each ship has its advantages and disadvantages; the Brigantine had balanced speed with firepower, and it is challenging to slow down; the sloop is fast and maneuverable but small and vulnerable, and the galleon is Large and powerful but slow and difficult to maneuver. 

To choose your ship, you will have to approach the shipwright in any of the outposts. After approaching, select the type of ship you want and vote on the ship near the outpost. After voting now, you are ready to start your pirate adventure.

Sea of Thieves Beginner's Guide: Setting Sail and Starting Your Pirate Adventure sea of thieves season nine grab

 Sail setting 

After choosing your ship, you will have to set sail and explore the seas. To investigate, you will have to go on a voyage and navigate different islands for which you will have to visit three trading companies: Gold Holders, Merchant Alliance, or Order of Souls. After choosing any one of the companies, you will have to purchase a voyage from them. 

After purchase, you will have to vote for the voyage at your ship’s table. You must also be ready for the battles because some other players will try to steal your treasures. After all these processes, navigate the islands marked on your map and complete the missions. 

Fighting and weapons

Here comes the exciting part of the game with some actions. While playing the game, you will have to encounter other players who will try to sink your ship or steal your treasure.

While playing, you can also use some Sea of Thieves cheats and hacks to win the game. You will have to understand the basics of fighting and using weapons accurately, which we will discuss in this section. 

Basics of Fighting

While fighting, you will have to remember that with attacking, you will also have to defend yourself so that you do not get injured and sent back to your ship, for which you must use a cutlass or other weapons. 

The green bar above your head represents your health. With your personal weapons, your ship also has cannons, which can be loaded with cannonballs and fired on enemy ships or creatures. You will just have to aim accurately.

Sea of Thieves Beginner's Guide: Setting Sail and Starting Your Pirate Adventure Sea of Thieves beginer guide

Types of weapons

 The game Sea of Thieves offers many weapons options through which you can win the battle with the enemies. In this section, we will discuss the weapons used in this game.


It is provided to the pirate so the pirate can shoot the enemies far away from the cutlass. This weapon is capable of creating big damage from a distance.


This weapon hits the enemies with an accurate shot from a long distance.


This weapon is straight, sharp, and slightly curved, with a sharpening blade at the cutting edge. It is used to hit close enemies on the ship or against the creatures. 


It is a short gun-type weapon that is used to destroy a group of enemies. It damages heavily at the short range.

Hence, all weapons are important comparatively, and each has its own pros and cons. You just have to use the weapons at the right time with accuracy. 


In conclusion, the Sea of Thieves is an interesting game that generates excitement in us to play this game. You will have to remember the steps of the game to play the game efficiently.

In this beginner’s guide, you will learn the basics of the game, and by following the steps, you can win the game. So, what are you waiting for? Start your pirate journey now!


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