Vivo has said to apply for six Nex series lineup, as seen by Nashville Chatter, this includes Vivo NEX Pro, Vivo NEX Neo, Vivo NEX Lite, Vivo iQOO Lite, VivoX Pro and VivoX Lite.

Vivo has also applied for more Nex monikers few days back and they are; Vivo NEX V, NEX X, NEX Y, NEX Z and NEX Play. They also mentioned the Vivo iQOO lite which we taught is the lite version of the Vivo iQOO released few months ago.

Vivo NEX Pro and Vivo NEX Neo could be the successors of NEX 3 released recently or a separate line in the NEX series considering there’s no number “3” in them.

The only model we think are completely new monikers are the VivoX Pro and the VivoX lite, the company also has several X, Y, and Z series phones, having listed all this phones, there will be a huge possiblity that Vivo won’t launch any of them in the future or maybe they will.

The new filing gives us an interesting insight into the NEX line’s future. It also seems that Vivo might have more than one models of the current Nex 3 5G and that it could launch in the European markets.


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