In a move that is sure to please iPhonish Tecno fans, Tecno is reportedly planning to introduce a Dynamic Island feature in its next HiOS firmware update.

Dynamic Island is a feature that allows users to display live music, sports scores, and other information in a small window on the top of their screen, even when they are using another app.

This feature was first introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro and has since been copied by other Android manufacturers, such as Realme.

According to the report, the Dynamic Island feature in HiOS will be called “Dynamic Port”. Although it is not yet clear which apps will be compatible with the feature or how it will look.

Tecno to Introduce Dynamic Island Feature in Next HiOS Firmware 1000055984

It is also unclear whether the Dynamic Port feature will be available on all Tecno smartphones, on some select models, or only reserved for future Tecno devices.

The next Tecno smartphones to be released are expected to be the budget Tecno Spark 20 series and the Phantom V Flip (Yoga) clamshell.

It is possible that the Dynamic Port feature will be included on these devices, or probably reserved only for more high-end upcoming models. In either case, time should be the best judge.

Tecno has not yet officially announced the Dynamic Port feature, so it is still too early to say for sure when it will be released or on which devices it will be available.

However, the fact that Tecno is reportedly working on this feature is a good sign for Android users who are looking for a more iPhone-like experience.


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