Tecno Mobile introduced the Spark 7 in India yesterday, a device which came as the direct successor to the older Tecno Spark 6. But that phone was not a true successor to the Spark 6, in fact, it was more of a downgrade to the older model. Coincidentally, while we were covering the article yesterday, we made an analogy which is quoted in the paragraph below.

Well, this simply means two things; first, the new Spark 7 will be cheaper than the Spark 6 (and it is), and secondly we can expect a Spark 7 Pro model with a lot better specs. A Pro model was present on the Spark 1 (1 Pro), 3 (3 Pro), and 5 (5 Pro), but was missing on Spark 2, 4 and 6.

Indeed there will be a more stronger variant of the Spark 7 which was launched yesterday. However adding “Pro” will not be the naming strategy this time. As per Tecno’s official Twitter handle, the company will be announcing the Spark 7 series in Nigeria on the 12th of April, which is exactly two days from today.

According to report, two Spark smartphones are expected on that day; the vanilla Spark 7, and a new model dubbed Spark 7P. Some of the expected specs of the late includes;

  • Helio G70 Processor
  • 5000mah battery capacity
  • Big memory
  • Dot Notch screen with 90Hz refresh rate
  • Bluetooth Audio share
  • Al camera with Super night mode and more

Tecno to introduce Spark 7P in Nigeria with Helio G70 and 90Hz display Tecno spark 7 and Spark 7P 1 1

Recall that the previous Spark 6 came in a 6.8-inches display, and even though it was powered by same Helio G70 CPU along with a 5000 battery, it still missed 90Hz refresh rate. So if these teased specs are anything to go by, then the Spark 7P might be the most interesting Spark smartphone till date. tMoreover, the device will run on the latest Google Android 11 out of the box. We will find out more about these device few days from now.



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