In a recent update to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) catalog, two new Tecno folding phones have been listed: the Phantom V2 Fold 5G and the Phantom V Fold2 5G.

Despite the subtle naming difference, both devices share the same AE10 index, suggesting they are not distinct models but rather the same phone marketed under different names in various regions.

The catalog entry provides limited information on the specifications of these smartphones. Both models are confirmed to support Bluetooth 5.3, utilizing a module manufactured by MediaTek.

Tecno Unveils Two New Folding Phones in Bluetooth SIG Catalog tecno gotovit srazu dva novyh folda picture6 0

This indicates that the devices will likely feature MediaTek chipsets, though the exact model remains unclear. Rumors suggest the inclusion of the Dimensity 9000+ chipset.

So far, we know that Tecno is working to update it foldable phone lineups. This lineup should include the foldable Phantom V Fold series, and the Clamshell Phantom V Flip, which are the first and current foldable devices from Tecno.

These two were incredibly successful in various markets and regions where there were sold, partly due to the existing trust that Tecno has built in the mind of it growing customer base, and how aggressively those two were priced.

We may still see these two factors playing in favor of Tecno on it upcoming models, especially if the aggressive pricing strategy is still in place.


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