Cyber ​​attacks are a topic that is often discussed; irresponsible parties reportedly hack much data from government agencies. Personal data can also be exposed to attacks, so you need to protect it.

Because in the digital era, when everything is connected, even you should have strong cyber security measures. Meanwhile, the public must also be able to protect their personal data.

The issue of data security is a problem for everyone who uses various technologies that make their lives easier. Not only that, even large companies are still worried about this matter.

Top 7 security tips to protect your phone from hackers | DroidAfrica

Of course, it’ll be awful if valuable data and information are lost and taken by somebody from the outside. Therefore, it is essential for those with various valuable data and information to anticipate and prevent the above problems from happening.

What steps may prevent the data in your smartphone from being attacked by hackers? Here are seven useful tips that you can apply:

Top 7 Security Tips to Protect Your Phone

1. Make Complex Passwords

Most data theft and unauthorized access come from easy-to-guess usernames and passwords. Many create simple passwords simply because they are afraid of forgetting them. One of the most common ways to protect personal information is to create a unique password using a combination of characters, letters, and punctuation that is difficult for others to know.

If you are afraid of forgetting them, just put your passwords on paper or a digital note that you can always check on your phone. We also recommend changing your passwords often to further avoid data breach risks.

2. Be Wary of Phishing

Another way to protect personal data is to be aware of false information in other people’s chat groups or the internet in general. Well, often, the information contains an invitation to click on the link listed.

Top 7 security tips to protect your phone from hackers | DroidAfrica

Beware of phishing links that can steal personal information on the smartphone or computer device we use.

In reality, phishing comes from all corners, even websites. That’s when the VPN comes in. We strongly recommend to install VPN to protect your phone, so your device can always be safe. Install only reputable VPN services that can give you many safety and security features. Although the price could be a little bit expensive, as long as it can fulfill your expectations, there’s nothing to worry about. 

3. Make Sure Your Data Encrypted

Data encryption converts data into a more protected so that other persons can not know or read it. So, ensure your data is encrypted when entering important information online. Encrypting your data can dramatically reduce the chance of cybersecurity attacks. 

4. Be Careful When Using Public Wi-Fi

To protect personal data from cyber-attacks, it’s better to always be careful when using Wi-Fi, which is freely available in public places. There’s nothing wrong with using Wi-Fi media, but you must know the risks. Sometimes, cybercriminals abuse the Wi-Fi network to steal personal information on the Internet. 

They usually make a new page that looks as if it’s an official page for wifi login. Once you put your email and password, the hackers will come home smiling with all your private data in their bags. The process is quick and easy for them, so always remember the risks.

If possible, you can also use incognito mode while surfing the web. Using incognito mode or incognito window can prevent data leaks that might occur.

5. Use An Antivirus

It is important to use an antivirus to overcome any viruses that try to damage the smartphone security system. There are lots of antiviruses that you can get for free to secure your smartphone. 

Top 7 security tips to protect your phone from hackers | DroidAfrica
Woman on call with Nokia C30 smartphone

However, we highly recommend using a premium antivirus to guarantee protection against dangerous virus attacks on smartphones.

6. Don’t Carelessly Install Apps

The existence of the Playstore and various other application markets that provide the latest applications or games that are trending makes many people want to use them. The thing that users often ignore is the security of applications that will be downloaded through their smartphones.

Understanding the characteristics of a good and safe application is essential for you to use it well. Before doing anything else, check the app itself along with the publisher. If the company’s name is too gray for you, avoid installing the app at all costs.

Even if you are installing the app from trusted app stores like Google Play, there is still need for you to apply care, because bad app so make their way to play store some times.

7. Keep The Passwords to Yourself

Remember to always keep your password to yourself. When somebody asks for your credentials, never give them. Even when somebody close to you is asking about your essential passwords, just say no to them.

Passwords should always be private, no matter what happens. So, never give them out to anybody, even when they claim to be a staff from Microsoft. Know that companies never ask their users about their passwords. So if you notice something is fishy, face away and get out. 


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