Motorola recently released their new foldable device dubbed the Motorola Razr. This is not actually the first Motorola Razr device, the first Razr was released back in 2004 and during that time, what’s trending are flippable devices. The 2004 Razr uses a clamshell which holds the display and the keyboard together. But now, Motorola has released a 2019 version of it and this time, its foldable, not clamshell anymore. And that’s good because we are now in the foldable era, who uses flippable devices nowadays? probably few or even none.

But still, a lot of people don’t buy foldable devices that much when compared to normal smartphones. You know why? they thinks about the cost of maintenance. One of the biggest concerns with the arrival and popularization of folding smartphones is the cost and complexity of maintenance. The flexible screens, gears and the fragility of these devices keep most consumers away. But it seems Motorola knows and decided to provide a very cheap screen replacement for the Razr 2019, you can replace the screen at a cost of $299 and this is far below the standard screen replacement for foldable phones. The standard screen replacement price for foldable phones is about $1,500.

Motorola Razr 2019 screen replacement service is very cheap compared to it’s rivals like the Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold which costs not less than $600 to replace. This awesome move by Motorola will gain them much more customers and the Razr 2019 will sell like a light because people’s aim for maintenance has now been solved and thus more potential consumers for them. The smartphone is not yet on sale but we should know when it goes on sale, probably early next year which is a month to go.

There are many brands which hasn’t joined the foldable bandwagon, i know that by next year, a lot of brands will surface, maybe with now a unique foldable design and thus, rising the competition which will lead to price slash for foldable phones.


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