Xiaomi complemented the launch of its Disney Princess-themed Civi 4 Pro smartphone with a limited edition Mijia H501 hair dryer. This special edition hair dryer is now available for purchase in China, but in limited quantities, with a starting price of 349 yuan (approximately $51 USD).

Limited Edition Design with Familiar Features

The Mijia H501 Princess Limited Edition boasts a unique design inspired by the same fairytale theme as the Civi 4 Pro. The body features a charming purple color scheme, accented with a character image on the handle.

Adding to the collectability, Xiaomi includes a special packaging box with the hair dryer. This box includes the hair dryer itself, a limited edition “magic mirror,” a “poison apple” cable tie, and a “black magic” instruction manual.

Xiaomi Launches Limited Edition Mijia H501 Hair Dryer Alongside Disney Princess Phone Xiaomi Launches Mijia H501 Hair Dryer

Despite the unique design, the core functionalities of the hair dryer remain unchanged from the standard Mijia H501 model. It features a powerful 110,000 rpm high-speed brushless motor and seven extra-long air outlets, generating a strong airflow of 62 m/s. The dryer also emits 200 million ultra-concentrated negative ions to help reduce frizz and promote smoother hair.

For versatile drying options, the hair dryer offers 57°C constant temperature technology combined with two wind speed settings and four temperature settings, providing a total of eight drying modes to cater to different hair types and preferences.

Limited Availability and Pricing

The Xiaomi Mijia H501 Princess Limited Edition hair dryer is currently only available for purchase in China, with limited quantities available. The starting price is 349 yuan (approximately $51 USD) on JD.com. Information on international availability or pricing for this special edition hair dryer is not yet available.


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