Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs Xioami Redmi 7: Detailed Comparison

Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs Xioami Redmi 7: Detailed Comparison | DroidAfrica
Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs Xioami Redmi 7 Detailed Comparison 1

Today, I was trying to help a friend understand the differences between the recently announced Xiaomi Redmi 8 and it predecessor, the Redmi 7, launched several months ago.

Well, until today, I’ve not really taken my time to understand the differences between the two devices, all I thought was; ‘well, the 8 is the latest, so it should be the best of course’… But from my comparisons, it seems the opposite might be the case for most people, depending what you use your smart phone for.

So in this post, I’ll be comparing the Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs the Redmi 7 in two simple table. So let begin with the first, which is a specs comparison of the two devices.

Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs Xioami Redmi 7 Specification Comparison

[table id=30 /]

Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs Xioami Redmi 7; Comparison Summary

After explaining the table above to him, to his understanding, this were my conclusive statement to him;

A. If you love showing off latest gadgets and Techs, (at your financial capacity of course), go get the Redmi 8: Why?

  1. You’ll be getting the latest title in the Redmi-series
  2. The 8 comes with a larger 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging
  3. It also has USB Type-C interface

B. If you are a hardcore user on budget, the older Redmi 7 might serve you better. The singular reason for this, is the presence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 CPU, which is clearly more stronger than the Snapdragon 439 chip used in the Redmi 8.

Xiaomi Redmi 8 vs Redmi 7: Performance Comparison

[table id=31 /]

The table above is a performance comparison between the Redmi 8 and the Redmi 7, of which the Redmi 7 turned the clear winner.

What you use your phone for, could clearly be the major factor to influence your choice of either of the device. So do share your opinion with us, on which of this device you prefer, and why.

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