So I just discovered that I have been using the Xiaomi Redmi A2+ as a backup smartphone touching a month, and I have not said much about it on this platform. I’ve written one or two news articles about the device and even created a full specifications page for it.

However, those do not communicate a full usage experience about the device. So in this article, I will be running through a quick review of the Redmi A2+ from a user point of view, and in the end, I’ll give my recommendation, either you should get this device or simply look away.

Xiaomi Redmi A2+ Review: a True Definition of Value for Money Redmi A2 Plus review images 2

Redmi A-series Ecosystem

You might have heard of Xiaomi’s Mi A-series, which gained popularity between 2017 to 2020. This series of Xiaomi phones was loved by many due to its pure stock Android experience. But it was discontinued in 2020 when Xiaomi officially pulled out of the AndroidOne ecosystem

But in 2022, Xiaomi introduced a new A-series, but under its Redmi sub-brand. Unlike the Mi A-series, the Redmi A-series is not based on AndroidOne platform. They are powered by MIUI OS on top of a lighter version of Android called Android Go Edition.

Today, the Redmi A-series are not just the only Android Go device from Xiaomi, but also the company’s most affordable series of functional smartphones, with the Redmi A2 and the A2+ being the latest alteration.

Redmi A2+ Review

In the Redmi A series, the Plus variant is usually the best option. Both “PLUS” and “non-PLUS) variant is the same, but the ‘PLUS’ models normally come with bigger RAM and storage. This was the case when the Redmi A1 and the A1 Plus were announced, as well as the A2 and A2 Plus. Our model of the A2 Plus comes with 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

Xiaomi Redmi A2+ Review: a True Definition of Value for Money Box of Redmi A2

Redmi A2+ Box Content

The box content of the Redmi A2+ gives you everything you’ll need to get your phone up and running. It includes needed accessories, except an earpiece, which is known history with Xiaomi phones even before the era of omitted charger boxes arrived. So you are getting;

  • A 10W charger
  • Micro USB 2.0 cable
  • A SIM ejector tool
  • Plenty paper works
  • And of Couse, the Redmi A2+ itself

Redmi A2+ Display and Built Quality

  • 6.52-inches with 720 x 1600 pixels
  • All plastic built

Starting from the display, the Redmi A2 Plus comes with a 6.52-inch screen with 720 x 1600 pixels. This display served me well without much complaint. This is because I spend the built of my day in an indoor setting.

But when I do step outdoors, I do see myself struggling to properly interact with the device due to its poor screen brightness, an issue that should be expected given the price. The display has a dewdrop notch on the head, and there is a single 8-megapixel selfie camera within that space.

Xiaomi Redmi A2+ Review: a True Definition of Value for Money Xiaomi Redmi A2 review images 4

As for the built quality, well, it is what you should expect at the price point. The phone does have a comfortable grip though, thanks to its textured back panel. But plastic material is used throughout.

Software and Hardware Performance

  • OS is Google Android 13 with MIUI 13
  • CPU is Helio G36 from MediaTek with PowerVR GE8320 GPU
  • Our unit has 3GB RAM + 64GB ROM

As mentioned in a few paragraphs above, the Redmi A2 Plus is powered by MIUI OS. My unit came with Google Android 13 Go Edition out of the box. Back in the early days of MIUI, it was better enjoyed on a higher-end Xiaomi phone.

But that has long changed, thanks to consistent improvement and optimizations. Today, even low-powered MIUI devices can be super stable and smooth, which is the exact case of the Redmi 2+.

Xiaomi Redmi A2+ Review: a True Definition of Value for Money Xiaomi Redmi A2 review images 5

The phone is fast and smooth for most basic tasks of calling, texting, surfing the internet, and light gaming. Apart from the well-optimized MIUI 13 on Android 13 Go, the model also comes with, probably the best CPU RAM in this pricing segment. It is powered by the Helio G36 CPU, which is an octa-core CPU maxed at 2.2GHz, along with 3GB RAM

The truth is, if you need a more powerful device that can handle more demanding tasks, well I wouldn’t say this is not the right device to buy. But I would rather say it is not the right budget! This is because, at this price point, the Redmi A2+ is among the few with the best hardware and performance.

Front and Rear Camera Review

  • 5-megapixel selfie is on the front
  • The rear camera setup is a combination of an 8-megapixel main lens, and an Ai depth sensor
  • Closeup shots look so good

As a rule of thumb, your camera expectations when buying a budget smartphone should not be too high. This is because the camera is the least focus of many OEMs when making an affordable smartphone, and the Redmi A2+ is not an exception to this rule.

Interestingly, the camera setup is still among the best I have tested at this price point. The camera performs better than those on the iTel A60s which I had reviewed recently. Here are some camera samples from the Redmi A2+.

Rear camera sample

Selfie camera samples

Battery and Others

  • 5000mAh battery
  • 10W microUSB charger
  • Rear Fingerprint scanner
  • Dual 4G Nano-SIMs
  • A Single fearing loud speaker; doubles as the earpiece

The Redmi A2+ has a 5000mAh battery with a 10W charger. The charging interface is micro USB 2.0, so even though it is a 10W charger, the charging speed may not be that noticeable. However, the battery does last, more than I expected. It seems the Helio G36 CPU on the device is more power efficient than the G25 and G37.

Xiaomi Redmi A2+ Review: a True Definition of Value for Money PXL 20230919 103505326.PORTRAIT.ORIGINAL

The device also does have a rear fingerprint scanner, and it unlocks fast. If you wish to get even faster unlock successes, you can try to register one finger twice, which is what I do on all my smartphones.

The multimedia experience on the Redmi A2+ is not bad either. The device comes with a single-firing loudspeaker, which also doubles as the call earpiece. Due to this combo, the call speaker is very loud, making it possible to hear your caller even in a noisy environment.

Review conclusion and alternative

Overall, the Redmi A2+ is a very solid device at its price. I happened to use both the iTel A60s and the Redmi A2 Plus side-by-side, and if you ask me, the A2+ is the clear winner. It has good cameras, a well-optimized OS, and a long-lasting battery.

Xiaomi Redmi A2+ Review: a True Definition of Value for Money Redmi A2 Plus review images 1

The only downside of this phone is the use of microUSB 2.0 which should be forgivable given the price tag. Talking about price, the Redmi A2+ is sold under N50,000 in Nigeria.

This is somewhere under $70, making the A2+ the only smartphone sold at this price with a Helio G36 CPU. But if you are still bent on getting an alternative, the iTel A60s (NOT THE A60) is another good device to consider.


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