A report from DigiTimes revealed that Apple is going to include it’s Airpods Pro in the box of the upcoming iPhones of 2020. This report is really hard to digest but we have seen reports few months ago that claims that all flagship phones of 2020 will not be coming with a 3.5mm head jack. This means that if you buy a smartphone, you need to get an earbud for it as it only supports wireless connection instead of a head jack.

This new report makes us feel like Apple is trying to make something easier here by trying to include it’s Airpods Pro in the box. But wait, this report from DigiTimes is actually coming from an unknown source and there are times that DigiTimes gives a report that doesn’t actually comes to pass, especially this kind of report. We advise you to just take this as a pinch of salt till further notice.

If it is to be believed, why would Apple do that when their latest Airpods Pro is at a very high demand that the company even ordered for it’s more production. Also, looking at the heavy cost of the Airpods Pro, we don’t think Apple can just bundle such expensive item in a smartphone box for free, even if they do that, the price of the phone will definitely rise. There is no strong evidence to believe this, unless that Apple just decided to include something more modern than EarPods with its iPhones.

Apple Airpods are the best leading TWS earphones in the world especially their most recent released Airpods Pro which is highly anticipated in terms of it’s best active noise cancellation. The TWS earphone sells about $347 USD on their website and it uses the same H1 chip found in second generation AirPods, but add active noise cancellation, automated frequency profile setting, IPX4 water resistance, a charging case with wireless charging, and interchangeable silicone tips.


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