Android 11 update is just arriving for owners of Nokia 5.3 for the very first time. Nokia seems to be getting delayed in recent times, especially considering the fact that one of the luring promise of Android One project is timely update.

As per records, the Nokia 5.3 was announced since March of 2020, and run Google Android 10 out of the box. The device have gotten few security patch update since then, but there has not been any major Android update up until now.

Affordable Nokia 5.3 taste Android 11 update for the very first time Nokia 5.3 Phone 1
Nokia 5.3

Funny enough, some phones that are not even on Android One project are already tasting Android 12 but, again, the 5.4 is just getting. Anyways, even this seems a little late, we still think it is better late than never. So if you are wondering when your Nokia 5.3 will get Google Android 11 OS update, well here it is.

As it is the pattern of Nokia, the update will be dispatched in waves. Wave 1 countries includes: Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan and Vietnam. Nokia stated that 30% of these markets will receive the update immediately, 50% by August 05, and on August 06, 100% of these markets will have received the Android 11 update. Wave 2 countries will be announced afterward.

Affordable Nokia 5.3 taste Android 11 update for the very first time Nokia 5.3 Android 11 update 1

The update bundles both Android 11 OS, and June Android security patch to the affordable device, so if you are from these approved regions, you may head over to the system update section of your device, who knows, the update might be there waiting for you.



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