Apple announced officially announced three new smartphones yesterday, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. However, the launch of the three device above, has also eliminated the existence of three older Apple iPhones. The device discontinued includes the older iPhone 6sApple iPhone SE and surprisingly the Apple iPhone X of last year.

Apple’s decision to discontinue iPhone 6s series is understandable, I mean, the device is already aged. But what happened to iPhone SE to face discontinuations already? The device has not even got a worthy successor yet!

Apple iPhone XR would have taken on the battle as the successor to the iPhone SE, but the huge 6+-inch display does not commensurate with the display on iPhone SE. But taken the huge screen differences away, the iPhone XR is still somewhat a successor of the Apple iPhone SE, considering the fact that it is offered at much affordable price than the original iPhone XS.

Then again, Apple is letting go the iPhone X announced just last year. This was not much a surprise to us. We had previously hinted some months back on Apple’s plan to ditch Notch smartphone in 2019. We, it seems that story is already playing, as it could be one of the major reason the company is discontinuing iPhone X.

One sad news though is, with the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE gone, it means Apple no longer have any device hosting 3mm audio jack anymore. However, there are still rumors that an iPhone SE 2 is in the works, so let wait and see what happens before the end of quarter 4.


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