Reports say that Apple is in talks with Chinese firms BYD and CATL to provide batteries for its upcoming electric vehicle. This partnership between the American Tech powerhouse, Apple and Chinese firms BYD and CATL has already started and talks are underway. Although, the three parties are yet to reach an official agreement yet.

This report is another confirmation that we were waiting for concerning Apple’s plans to produce electric vehicles. It is guessed that the Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries are going to be chosen by Apple for its cars because they are cheaper. Due to the composition of these batteries, they are cheaper to produce and will save costs.

Apple is in talks with Chinese firms, BYD and CATL to supply its electric car batteries | DroidAfrica
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Although, Apple has set some prerequisites to choosing its battery suppliers. For example, its supplier must have a manufacturing unit in the United States. And CATL does not have any battery manufacturing unit in the United States. CATL is the Chinese firm that supplies Tesla its electric batteries.

CATL has expressed reluctance to set up production plant in the United States due to the current political tension between the United States and China. Also, CATL is considering the financial costs of setting up in the US.

CATL is currently the leading battery manufacturing company in the world. While BYD is the fourth biggest battery maker in the world. Currently, Apple is yet to decide on a battery supplier for its electric cars.


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