Just as promised, Huawei has just released the EMUI 10 in an even in China. The new EMUI v10 alteration is based on Google Android Q mobile operating system. The UI will be available for HUAWEI and HONOR devices and will bring over 60% improvements in GPU Turbo, over 70% improvements in Turbo Link, and over 20% improvements in Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS).

Since it based on Android Q OS, it means, aside the inherent features of Android 10, Huawei added it own features and customizations to the OS. The article will run through Five (5) key features of the new Huawei OS.

Five Key Features of EMUI 10, Android Q on Huawei and Honor Devices

1. HiCar: Better Relationships between you and your car

According to Huawei, the HiCar, an Android auto app, supported by over 30 automobile makers and currently working with over 120 car models, helps you to enjoy better interactions between your smartphone and your car.

You can conveniently enjoy music, navigation and other services on your mobile phone through the central control screen of the vehicle. You can also check the car status on the mobile phone in real time, Turn on the air conditioning in the car in advance, use the car’s camera to access the video conference, or share the scenery along the way to family.

2. Redesign User Interface

The EMUI v10 also comes with a redesigned Magazine style UI. Huawei introduced lot more blank space in the UI, with transparent images. Display font has also gotten a bit is larger with grid text layout. This helps users visual focus and concentration with unnecessary distractions, making the content displayed more accurate and enjoyable to look at.

3. Multi Device Sync

EMUI 10 will offer multi-device interoperability, allowing users to experience convenient conversations throughout the OS. You can easily make 1080P HD video calls with other Huawei devices, connect your friends with Huawei AI speakers and use your mobile phone to dial your home’s smart screen to video chat with your family.

4. System-level Dark Mode

Finally, system-wide dark mode is coming to all the EMUI 10 devices. This is not a simple color reversal, from background fill to text icons, based on a large number of human factors for contrast and color scale implementation, just to give you a more comfortable and immersive reading experience, according to the company. It will reveal more details at the HDC tomorrow.

5. PC Real Time Interactions

EMUI10 enables real-time interaction between computers and mobile phones across systems. After tapping the connection, the computer screen can be operated simultaneously on the computer screen to drag and drop files to complete the transfer, and the keyboard can be used to reply in the mobile phone interface. It will offer multi-screen collaboration to allow HUAWEI phones to seamlessly communicate with other devices, including TVs, smartwatches, drones, and more.

The EMUI 10 is expected to launch along with the Huawei Mate 30-series. But some existing Huawei and Honor devices are already shortlisted to taste the new OS, and if you own a Huawei or Honor device, you might wanna hit this link to know if your device will officially get EMUI 10 based on Android Q.



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