In the bid to produce battery saving smartphones, many Android OEMs shut down or kill background apps on their devices. This is because when too many background applications are running on a device, the activities of these applications tend to take a toll on battery life in the long run.

So, when these OEMs are looking to produce phones with good battery saving qualities, they crack down heavily on background applications. And now, application developers have come out to say that, the killing of background applications by OEMs takes a toll on app performance indirectly.

Google is tackling Android manufacturers restricting background applications | DroidAfrica
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Google had also noticed this and so, asked application developers to fill survey forms explaining how these phone manufacturers’ actions are affecting their application performances. Google also requested that the developers provide very specific details on how these battery saving practices from manufacturers are affecting their applications.

Google has already incorporated some measures in the new Android 11 OS to make sure that app developers have more power to control the situation. These newer software updates also allow for better resource management and they make sure that many essential applications are not killed in the background.

Google is tackling Android manufacturers restricting background applications | DroidAfrica

OEMs that are notorious for killing background applications to save battery in their smartphones include Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi and OnePlus. Google has also been asking users how they feel about these battery saving actions that OEMs take.

And many users admit that it is useful for their devices to save battery life. It is now left to Google from the results of the survey to find a workable solution that allows all the parties to be comfortable.


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