Huawei will likely remain on the USA’s list of restricted companies

In 2019, the technology world was agog with news that the US government had banned the operations of Huawei in the country. This ban is a result in part from the ongoing USA-China trade war the whole world has been watching. As a result of this ban on Huawei, the company has remained on the US government’s entity list.

Back in 2019, it was not only Huwaei that entered the Entity List but also 70 other companies including some other Chinese companies as well. These companies were banned from doing business with American companies or using American technologies to develop their products.

Huawei will likely remain on the USA's list of restricted companies Huawei logo korea 1
Huawei logo

Due to this trade ban and amidst the country wars, China has increased efforts to start producing their own semiconductors and also to become very self sufficient in other technological areas. China has also been investing and researching heavily in Artificial intelligence, 5G and more.

Huawei entered the Entity List because it was accused by the United States government of being tied with the Chinese military and security agencies. The company has denied that it has such ties and the USA government is yet to produce any evidences to back up their accusations.

In order for companies based in America tondo business with Huawei, they need to get permission or license from the USA government which is very unlikely to be granted.

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