Huawei had just 4% of the smartphone market sales in 2021 first quarter

Due to the ban of the sales of Huawei products in the USA in 2020, Huawei has been struggling to make significant sales. Also, since the smartphone market has been recovering from the COVID plunge that it experienced last year, the growth smartphone market has greatly improved in 2021. But Huawei still has not made significant amount of sales despite the comeback in the world of smartphones.

Previously, Huawei had been getting a 20% year on year growth but following reports released recently, Huawei only had a total of 4% of the total market sales so far in the first quarter of 2021. Huawei technologies received a total of about 10% decline quarter to quarter in 2021 according to a Counterpoint Research report.

Leading the charts for market sales in 2021’s first quarter is Samsung. Samsung had a total of 22% of the whole smartphone sales all over the world in the first quarter of 2021. Next to Samsung is Apple Inc. Apple had a total of about 17% of the global market sales in first quarter of 2021. After Apple is Xiaomi with about 14% sales in the first quarter. Oppo, Vivo and Huawei make the next three in that order.

Huawei had just 4% of the smartphone market sales in 2021 first quarter Screenshot 295 1
Graphical report of smartphone market sales from Counterpoint

Chinese phone companies like Xiaomi, saw a significant growth in sales in regions like Europe and India. While Apple saw a decline in sales in Europe.

Recall that because the United States government sanctioned Huawei’s chip supplier TSMC, the smartphone company has been struggling to get back on its feet. Huawei even had to sell its other phone unit, Honor and branch out into exploring other industries like Automobiles.

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