Apple’s orders for camera spare parts for iPhone 13 might surpass this year’s Android market

It is no news that Apple is set to release a new series of the iPhone before this year runs out. The iPhone 13 series is already much anticipated and the phone has been reported to come with some major camera upgrading. It is reported that Apple has been putting pressure on the camera component suppliers recently. This is in a bid for the company to meet up with Apple’s demand.

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According to a report from DigiTimes, Apple has sent a demand call for its Taiwanese based supplier of VCM (Voice Call Motor), to speed up the process and produce up to 30% to 40% more of the initial amount of supplies. This sudden increment in the amount of component produced is due to a high demand already from interested buyers who are already in the line-up.

If this rate of increment that Apple ordered its suppliers is true, then the number of camera parts that Apple will get for its iPhone 13 series, will likely surpass the entire market for Android devices in 2021. Also, this concentration that Apple is giving to the manufacturing of the camera parts, suggests that, Apple might be concentrating on camera quality and specification for its incoming iPhone 13.

Rumours state that, the Apple’s iPhone 13 series will have better 3D sensors for capturing face ID. There will also be upgrades in the phone’s camera modules which will be better than last year’s iPhone 12 series. Orders are projected to rise sharply starting from July for the new phone series.

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