About 2 months ago, Apple released their new iPhone 11 series smartphone which includes the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Those smartphones comes with a good battery strength but Apple thinks that some people might need more battery juice.

So they released a new battery case for the iPhone 11 series yesterday. A battery case actually is a case that comes integrated with a battery which fuels the phone whenever the case is on the phone. Once the battery dies, the phone now makes use of it’s own battery.

You can check out the battery case level in the iOS battery widget. The case is Qi-certified and so you can charge both the case and the phone within using a wireless charger. It also supports USB-PD fast chargers using the Lightning connector.

The case also comes with a dedicated camera button on the right edge and pressing the button launches the camera, even if the phone is locked. A tap takes a picture while longer press captures QuickTake video. The case is priced at $129


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