It will cost you $480 and $370 to replace the screen on the Galaxy Fold3 and Flip3

One of the most advanced technological development in the smartphone industry currently is foldable or bendable displays. While some OEMs are still demoing mere concepts of these advanced technology, others like Samsung, already have established phone models with the display.

But the truth remains that, these visual technology costs a lot of money to produce. The most recent Samsung foldable offers, are the the Galaxy Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3. The first, literally transforms a 6.2-inches smartphone into a tablet-sized 7.6-inches screen, while the Z Flip3 applies an old school Clamshell style to a 6.7-inches full fledged touch screen smartphone.

It will cost you $480 and $370 to replace the screen on the Galaxy Fold3 and Flip3 zfold3 carousel multitasking kv pc 1

As for pricing, the Galaxy Z Flip3 cost a thousand Dollars, while the Z Fold3 begins at $1800. Now, if it costs you these much to acquire a device, how much do you think it will cost you to replace the most innovating, and probably the most fragile part of the device?

As per a report on The Verge, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will cost you $480 US Dollars, while the Z Flip3 will cost $370 to replace their main screen, while replacing just the external screen glass will set you back at $150 and 100 Dollars, respectively.

It will cost you $480 and $370 to replace the screen on the Galaxy Fold3 and Flip3 zflip3 carousel marketingsinglekv pc 1

Note that these models come with a one-year warranty from Samsung, which covers free screen replacement. So except you are opting for a special Samsung warranty package called Care Plus, which brings the replacement price down to $250, you may want to get ready to dish out an equivalent price for a Realme GT 5G running the same CPU of the Fold3 when the screen is bad. Moreover, this special subscription plan cost $13 Dollars per month.


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