itel has unveiled its latest smartphone lineup, the P55 series, in Nigeria. The series has four smartphone models, ranging from the vanilla P55 4G to the P55 5G, and all these four cater to different budget segments, starting from as low as N99,100, touching as high as N144,500. This post summaries all you need to know about the P55 series.

itel P55 Series: Pricing and All You Need to Know itel p55 plus 1

itel P55 Series

Focus on battery

A standout feature across the P55 series is the focus on battery life. The P55 4G and P55 Plus pack a 5000mAh battery with AI Power Master, while the P55T and P55 5G boast an even larger 6000mAh battery. This promises extended usage for everyday tasks and entertainment, a key selling point for budget users.

However, when it comes to charging, the P55, P55T, and the P55 5G are given an 18W fast charger. The P55 Plus on the other hand gets a larger 45W fast charger.

itel P55 Series: Pricing and All You Need to Know itel p55 5g

Consistent display across all models:

The P55 series also prioritizes display quality. All models feature a 6.6-inch HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate, delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience for watching videos, gaming, or browsing the web.

It is worth noting however, that while the P55 4G, P55T, and the P55T come with a center-punch notch, the P55 5G uses a dewdrop display giving it a slightly different look from its siblings.

itel P55 Series: Pricing and All You Need to Know itel p55t

50-megapixel main camera is used on all models:

The P55 series offers decent camera capabilities. All models feature a 50MP AI dual rear camera. The setups aim to capture clear and vibrant photos, catering to users who want to document their lives on a budget.

Performance and storage options:

The series offers a range of performance and storage options. The P55 4G and the P55T starts with 128GB+4GB storage, with an expandable virtual RAM option up 8GB. The P55 Plus upgrades to 8GB hardware RAM and 256GB ROM, but gets a larger 16GB expandable RAM. The P55 5G, at the top of the line, comes with 4GB RAM (expandable to 8GB) and 128GB storage.

itel P55 Series: Pricing and All You Need to Know itel p55 4g 1

Pricing and availability:

The itel P55 series is now available in Nigeria through both online and offline retailers. Prices start at N99,100 for the P55 4G, followed by N107,000 for the P55T, N126,600 for the P55 Plus, and N144,500 for the P55 5G.

An option for every buyer:

With its focus on long battery life, smooth displays, and decent cameras, the itel P55 series targets budget-conscious consumers seeking value for their money. The range of models offers something for everyone, from basic smartphone users to those wanting the latest 5G technology. For buyers within its target market, the P55 series presents a compelling option to consider.


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