The upcoming Meizu smartphone, the Meizu 17 will spot a curved surrounding screen, this was made known by the renders of the Smartphone. You know in recent times, there is this trend going on that time and it is all about a smartphone with a dual curved display.

The first device that adopted that feature was the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the smartphone comes with a very beautiful display but later on, the Full view display emerged and every smartphone manufacture dumped the dual curved screen and follow the bandwagon.

But we are happy that Xiaomi is bringing back that display structure, they recently announced a concept phone with a surrounding screen. But no one knows how practical it is. Instead, the top smartphone brands are actively making handsets with curved screen design and sure the upcoming Meizu 17 will join the trend.

On the front of the device, it is said that Meizu 17 will use a hyperbolic screen, the chin and the bezels of the phone has now been trimmed down making the aspect ratio of the device very high.

If you look at the top of the phone, you can see the micro-slot earpiece and the front camera is placed in the upper right corner, the rear camera is said to be three but the pixel length is not yet unvield, however we expect it to come with Samsung’s 64mp CMOS.

Credit: WHYLAB

For selfie, we don’t actually know the mega pixels length but looking at it, you can see that the front camera hole is very tiny which means it might come with Samsung’s image sensor GH1. It has a single pixel size of only 0.7μm.


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