Just few hours after the M11 smartphone from Xiaomi was unveiled, a Chinese Tech YouTuber tore down the device to reveals what the internals looks like. The teardown video reveals that the new M11 flagship smartphone from Xiaomi has Samsung’s bright ISOCELL S5KHMX 108-megapixel sensor, also know as HMX CMOS sensor.

According to XYZone Lou Bin (楼斌XYZONE), in terms of internal craftmanship, the Mi 11 has a very mature design, with an internal component arrangement, which he describe as extraordinarily and precise. These are some of the key internal components as revealed in his teardown video

  • Xiaomi 11 Camera Modules:
    • The main camera CMOS is Samsung HMX
    • The macro is Samsung S5K5E9
    • the ultra-wide angle is OV13B10
    • The front is Samsung S5K3T2.
    • The main camera glass cover using the same CNC integrated processing as the iPhone
  • You already know there is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU. The CPU and memory are sealed together with adhesive material design to protect the chip from water accidents.
  • A redesign cooling system: The device make use of VC liquid-cooled heat-dissipating inner walls, which helps to keep the device cool as much as possible. There is a combination of graphite and copper foil, sealed with aerogel and silicone grease material.
    • According to the video, the new Snapdragon 888 CPU can easily touch 80 degrees Celsius, about 176 Fahrenheit, when all the cooling materials are removed.
  • New grip sensor: The device also has a new grip sensor, which in conjunction with software manipulations, helps prevent accidental touches on the curved display.

You should already know that there two different materials used on the Mi 11 already. This is either glass back or leather back. The Glass variants are available in Black, White, Light blue colors, while the leathered versions comes in Brown and Purple colors. This two different materials could also affect the temperature of the device given same usage pattern.


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