Microsoft has officially announced that the Edge browser version 126 has passed the security review and is now available in the stable channel. The latest version number is 126.0.2592.56.

Here are the main features of the Microsoft Edge 126 update:

AI Theme Generator:

The Edge browser now includes an AI Theme Generator feature. Users can enter text prompts to generate a series of images as browser theme previews. Once a theme is applied, the generated image will be set as the background of the new tab page, and the browser theme color will adjust according to the main color of the image.

Administrators can control the availability of this feature through the AIGenThemesEnabled policy. Note that this feature is still in the testing phase. If it is not visible, updating the browser version and trying again later is recommended.

Microsoft Edge Browser Update 126 Stable Version Released Microsoft Edge browser version updates

Security Settings Control in the Management Service:

The Microsoft Edge management service now offers administrators a dedicated interface for managing specific settings to improve the security of managed browser instances. This feature is currently in public preview, and administrators can access it by selecting “Targeted Release” in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Copilot Summary Notification:

This feature displays a notification in the Omnibox when the user enters a qualified reading mode page. Users can choose to open Copilot in the sidebar to generate a content summary. This feature is currently in beta. If it is not visible, updating the browser version and trying again later is recommended.

The aim of this updates is to enhance user’s experience and provide administrators with more control and security options.


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