Infinix is developing its first Android tablet, the Infinix XPAD. The tablet which is yet to get any official mention, was spotted by Gizmochina with X1101B as the model number.

Infinix has gained popularity in the smartphone market, especially in the Asian and African region with its affordable and high-performance devices, and the company aims to replicate this success in the tablet market with the upcoming Infinix XPAD.

XPAD, Infinix First Android Tablet Has Been Spoted Online Infinix XPAD X1101B

While technical details are not yet available, the tablet is expected to feature mid-range specifications, which should be in line with the company’s strategy of offering high performance at an affordable price.

The Infinix XPAD is also anticipated to include SIM card support, allowing users to access the internet via mobile data without relying on a Wi-Fi network.

XPAD, Infinix First Android Tablet Has Been Spoted Online infinix XPAD tablet

This feature could significantly enhance the tablet’s usability, especially in regions where wireless network is not readily available.

The pricing strategy and target user base for the Infinix XPAD are not yet clear, but without any doubt, we expect the device to launch in regions like Africa and Asia Pacific. We hope to get to know more information about the device’s technical specifications soon.



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