The Motorola razr has been on a rumour mill for quite some time now but didn’t have any renders. Motorola is going to unveil a new smartphone on November 13th and it just got leaked. The smartphone was seen in a promotional Ad made by Evan Blass.

We saw all build features of the phone including hinge mechanism and bottom part of the device as well as the main screen, the bottom protrudes and has a distinctly placed button which looks like a fingerprint scanner.

Other lower resolution images was seen also giving us a look at the profile of the device. The first image actually revealed the rear of the hinge mechanism and a look at the secondary display housed in the top half of the phone.

We also get to see the phone in its closed position which does indeed look like the original Razr V3 from 2004. There’s also a shot with the new razr in its semi-unfolded state and a clearer side profile of the device in both its folded and unfolded states.

Following the recent rumours we got about the device, it comes with a 6.2-inch OLED main display with a resolution of 600x800px secondary screen on the outside. It is powered by Snapdragon 710 paired with 4/6 GB RAM and 128GB storage. What is believed to be giving the device light is a 2.730mAh battery.

Speculations has it to be priced at $1500 but let’s wait and see on November 13th.


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