Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone giant is set to add a new function to its new phones that will monitor earthquake through sensor and AI algorithms.

It was way back in 2010 that Xiaomi first implemented the earthquake alerting feature into its MIUI ROM devices (which include both smartphones and smart TVs). The smartphone company collaborated with the Chengdu High Tech Disaster Mitigation Institute to develop this alert feature then.

Since the alert feature was introduced in 2019, the company has stated that they have warned people about up to 35 earthquakes that have been above the magnitude of 4.0 and they sent more than 12.6 million warning messages in this effect.

Xiaomi is set out to release another debut feature thereby pioneering the disaster warning function in smartphones. So, the new feature will be for monitoring these earthquakes. In the past, the earthquake functions could only alert about 4.0 and above earthquakes. But the new feature will monitor these earthquakes.

These smartphones will be equipped with specially engineered sensors that will monitor the earth’s seismic activities in a particular location in real-time.

This new feature will be added to Mi devices over time. But Xiaomi smartphone users with MIUI 12.5 version can go to Mobile Phone Manager-Earthquake Early Warning to become volunteers for testing.

When these devices are finally released with this new feature, it will allow for the Disaster Mitigation Institutions to be able to completely monitor earthquakes through the information sent from various monitoring smartphones across various locations in real-time.


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