It brings the Nokia smartphone users great joy to see what smartphones the Nokia company has for its fans today. Finally, the long-awaited Nokia launch event has been scheduled to kick off by 3 pm today being the promised April 8 Launch event. However, it seems the Nokia company is very much ready to unveil a few new smartphones. Following up on this launch event, we might be seeing most of the rumored smartphones today in a few hours.

Nokia Launch Event | See Smartphones To Be Launched Nokia 1

Today’s Nokia launch event can be streamed live via one of the reliable sources that are also giving a few tips on what we are to see in a few hours from the Nokia company. Lucky, most of the true specifications of all these smartphones that will launch today are being exposed within time intervals. However, we should also expect to see other Nokia-made devices during this event.

Nokia Launch Event | See Smartphones To Be Launched nokia ev 1

Smartphones like the speculated Nokia C20, Nokia G10, Nokia G20, Nokia X10, and the Nokia X20 smartphones respectively. Although, there is also a higher possibility that Nokia will unveil its Nokia X-series phones to be their 5G certified smartphones. The Nokia G10 and Nokia G20 smartphones might come with the 4G connectivity variant through a few reports. Furthermore, on today’s Nokia launch event rumor, the upcoming Nokia C20 smartphone will be Nokia’s current entry-level model phone.


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