Redmi’s 300W fast charging announced; a 4100mAh battery takes just 5-minutes

More competition have just emerged in the battery charging industry. Earlier this month, Realme announced it 240W super fast wall charger that was introduced alongside the Neo5 GT smartphone. Same charger is expected to accompany the upcoming realme GT3, which will be unvieled tomorrow (1st of March).

Now, Redmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi has toppled that number with extra 60W, bringing in a 300W ultra-sonic fast charger. This is based on the technology used in the Redmi Note 12 Pro Explorer Edition that supports 210W fast charging. Redmi has made several in-depth customizations to battery materials, charging architecture, and charger modules to achieve this groundbreaking 300W full-link magic transformation solution.

Redmi's 300W fast charging announced; a 4100mAh battery takes just 5-minutes Redmi 300W charger announced 5385242

One of the key features of this technology is the 15C high-rate battery that uses extreme chemical power and is smaller in size. The battery employs a new type of hard carbon material with a looser and less orderly structure that provides a wider reaction pathway. Additionally, a hybrid negative electrode helps achieve both higher charging speed and higher energy density. An ultra-high conductivity electrolyte is also used to improve clock ion mobility, allowing for more control over the charging rate and temperature.

Moreover, the battery structure employs a sandwich stacking scheme and the cells are filled with phase-changing materials that have stronger heat dissipation qualities and higher space utilization. Thanks to these advancements, Redmi claims that a 4100mAh battery can be charged in full in just 5 minutes. During charging, the peak power measures as high as 290W, and 280W levels last for up to 2 minutes.

Safety is a top priority for Redmi, and the company has employed over 50 safety measures to ensure faster and safer charging. For instance, each of the parallel charging pumps has an independent input overvoltage protection, and individual protection is also used for overcurrent and overtemperature.

Redmi’s 300W fast charging technology represents a significant advancement in battery technology. With this new innovation, Redmi is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in smartphone charging and improving the user experience by significantly reducing charging time. However, it’s important to note that as with any new technology, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions to ensure safety.

The battery charging test in the video above was conducted on a Redmi Note 12 Pro+ Magic Edition. For now, it is not entirely clear if Xiaomi will bring this new Note 12 device to the shelve, or if it is just going to end as a dummy / test device.

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