The new Samsung Galaxy A series devices are said to be launched in December 12th. We have seen several leaks of the Samsung Galaxy A series devices recently. Samsung has not been releasing midrange phones for years now but it is this year that they realised and decided to form a special name for their midrange phones which are the A series. They released a lot of A series devices this year, ranging from A10 to A90 but as 2020 is 28days away, they are trying to dish out a new series of midrange phones for 2020.

Unlike this year’s A series smartphone, the 2020 A series smartphone will be having a number attached to their moniker, like the A11, A51, A41 etcetera. We have gotten the official launch date for the 2020 A series devices and that’s December 12th. This date was confirmed through Samsung Vietnam account. It was passed through a promotional video on the Samsung’s Asian YouTube channel. The video reveals the design of the smartphone.

One of the first design structure that caught our attention was that punch hole display which is placed at the center of the screen just like the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. No specifications or the name of the A series device that will be launching in December 12th was mentioned or seen. But we are expecting to see the A11, A31 and A41. This three devices that i just mentioned now has been trademarked already few days and aside from their model numbers: SM-A115F, SM-315F, SM-415F and the memory variants they’ll be available in: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, we don’t know any details about this three smartphones.

The first A series devices that they will release next year might be the Samsung Galaxy A71 and A91. Of course, this one i just mentioned now will have higher specifications than those three ones we are expecting on December 12th. December 12 is next week Thursday, let’s wait and see which A series devices are that.


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